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MEN'S BREAKFAST: Please join us, Saturday, October 29th, 9:00-10:30 am, for our next men’s breakfast this Saturday where we will have food and fellowship, testimony, group discussion and prayer. We will continue to focus on this year’s theme of “Of His Spirit”.

WOMEN’S EVENT: How does heavenly citizenship change our perspective on earthly concerns? Join us on Saturday, Nov 5, from 9:30-11:30 am for an interactive group discussion as we work toward making a holy exchange, trading our perspective for God's. Breakfast will be served, so come hungry!




10/23/16 - A People of Judgment: The "J" Word   by Bo Parker

We began a new series on the topic of judgment. While judgment is something that we all exercise in our lives, making decision and forming opinions, the word usually has a negative connotation when used today. If someone says, “You are judging,” or “Why do you judge?” there is an accusation of wrong behavior to those statements. A potential title for this series was “The J word.” Os Guinness has written, “playwright Bertold Brecht claimed that the eleventh commandment of the modern world was "Be good to yourself." Today it has been replaced by a new candidate: "Thou shalt not judge."”


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